Lottery Books

Lotto Books

We also have a range of Lotto Books for individual lotto players, some free some paid.

To obtain Free Lotto Systems please click this link and sign up. You will receive a Free Lotto Report every few days for 2-3 weeks.

For Full Details of our paid Lotto Books, please click the Images below.

Winning Lotto Book

This is our flagship Lotto Book, with 157 pages of proven Lotto Systems,  Strategies &
Statistics and TWENTY SIX mind-blowing lotto systems  suitable for any Pick 6 Lottery.

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We also have a book evidencing “How I Won Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10.”

This includes screenshots of the actual Lotto Coupons and our wins. This outlines our
Strategy of Playing For Small Wins while waiting for the big one.

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Win Lotto 6 Weeks Out of 10

For those that prefer a physical Lotto Book we do have a few copies of the timeless classic,
“The Only Way To Win At Lotto” by Robert Serotic.  Please Click Here

This book will be mailed out to you; the other books are Instant Electronic Downloads.


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We have won the Lottery THREE times, each time as part of a Lotto Syndicate I have organized.  Many weeks we do not win, but in addition to 3 First Prizes I do have regular small wins that help to pay for future entries. The Secret of Success is to have a highly organized Lotto System that Guarantees a small win every week (for example a 3 from 6 Lottery System that includes all of the Winning Lotto Numbers, where your lottery pays out on a 3 number win). This is usually too expensive for an individual lottery player, so organize a small Lotto Syndicate where everyone shares the cost and the winnings.  My Syndicate Lotto Systems usually cost what an individual player would normally invest on a personal entry.  Play Smart!